Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SOLD -- Canton Trade Days STORE with SLEEPER+ for SALE on The Mountain!

SOLD --  If you have ever wanted to be part of the Canton, Texas Trade Days and THE MOUNTAIN, due to a change in plans, our nice size Cedar STORE is now FOR SALE.  Included is a cozy SLEEPER with 3/4 bath, plus PORCH and attached covered PATIO and DECK which more than doubles your selling area--plenty of space inside and out .  Large glass showcase and bunk beds are included.

SOLD --  It also includes a half Medallion which means you can sell pop and pre-packaged food such as candy, chips, wrapped popsicles and ice cream bars, pickled and preserved fruits, jams, jellies and more. You could make it a general store (like the sign indicates), a gift shop, a boutique, antique store or all of the above. You could even rent out part which we have done.  Lots of possibilities! The shops, restaurants, and activities on The Mountain are open and active during the day and well into the night (until 11pm!)--Double the time you're open to sell while having the convenience of your own sleeping quarters in the next room. With the ambiance of an old frontier town, you'll feel like you're on vacation while you enjoy the comfort of selling indoors.

SOLD --  Great location and one of the cutest shops on The Mountain in Canton, Texas.  Reduced -as is