Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bedspring Wreaths

And now for the beautiful wreaths my mom made. Yay!

Dove Wreath
I wanted to start with the dove wreath because to me it is one of the most beautiful and definitely striking of her wreaths. The springs have a light dusting of white to tie it all together.

Bedspring Cross
My pictures don't do most of these justice and this is one. There are shiny red beads that make a lovely contrast to the rusty springs.

Floral Bird Nest & Grapevine Spring Wreath
This is another one that my picture doesn't do justice and I think that's because this is such a large wreath with a lot of little details. Definitely worth clicking to see the larger view!

Texas Star Bed Spring Wreath
I like this one a lot (probably because I came up with the design for it). We live in Texas after all and the collection wouldn't be complete without a Texas Star.

The County Fair
This is a great one for any horse lover. Complete with blue ribbon!

Old Spring Chicken
This one is even better in person, I promise. It's one of my favorites and I think so because my mom calls it Old Spring Chicken. I don't even have a country theme or I'd definitely snag this one for myself.

The Secret Garden
Bed springs spiral around a grapevine and the delicate little roses. It reminds me of a forgotten garden with everything kind of wild and growing together. Definitely one of the sweetest of the wreaths.

Bed Spring Wreath
Of course I had to include the basic bed spring wreath. With this one you can decorate it to suit your decor and taste. Hopefully the ones above will give you some inspiration! These will all be for sale During the next Canton First Monday Trade Days at our shop, Gypsy Chicks on The Mountain.

First Monday is next weekend and because there are some folks comin' in for an early retreat I'll be opening on Wednesday instead of Thursday. If you've got your eye on one of these, be sure to stop by as soon as possible because I have a feelin' they'll go quick!

See y'all there!


Garden Markers

My mom and I have been tryin' to think of some neat and creative artsy craftsy things to take to Gypsy Chicks to have some new stuff for you to shop. Because this is a long month and the first falls in strange place, there are TWO First Monday Trade Days in Canton this month.

I've been making garden markers from old silverware. These have a great vintage look and I'll be taking some blanks with me to Canton if you would like a specific word or phrase on them. They would be excellent not only with plant names on them for garden markers, but also with I Love You, Thank You, Congratulations, Best Wishes, Happy Birthday or anything of that nature to put a unique touch in a gift plant.
Two examples of the spoon garden markers.
One being used in a potted mint.
And one being used right in the garden.
My mom says these look like a little old lady made them. I'll take it as a compliment since I was goin' for a vintage handmade look! Hahaha! Quite honestly I feel like a little old lady after I make a few of these, my hands cramp up so. Heheh. Still, I love to make them. I like the look of them and it's a great re-purposing project.

Later today I'm going to take some pictures of my mom's bed spring wreaths. These things are AMAZING (and I'm not just saying that like everyone does these days). They really are. They are beautiful, creative, and unique to any I've seen by other people. I hope I'm gettin' you excited enough to come back and check them out, they really are that great. :)