Thursday, November 4, 2010

OPEN! Come on in

Thanks to everyone who visited Halloween weekend. My mom and I are already lookin' forward to next Trade Days and findin' lots of goodies to bring with us.

Here's a panel door that my mom attached some Texas license plates to. It's a really cute look and we have quite a few plates if you want to replicate it. The door is for sale also. We're always findin' great shabby doors. Check out the close-up of another we have below:

The picture doesn't do this one justice. You really should see it in person. I wanted a close-up so you could see the gorgeous patina. It was a pale green door that had been painted white. There are just patches of white paint remaining and the green is so thin beneath that you can see the wood grain. This one I absolutely love, but I can't keep everything I like (Too bad!). I hope it finds a great home soon with someone that finds it as lovely as I do.


Monday, November 1, 2010


It has been really crazy for me and my mom this past month. Mom bought a little shop on The Mountain in Canton, Texas and we have been like headless chickens workin' to get it ready for this last Trade Days. A big welcome and thank you to everyone that stopped by this last weekend! Please drop us a comment if you stopped by or if you plan to go to Canton in the future.

Here are some pictures of the shop before we really started packin' things in for Trade Days:

Above is the front of the store so it will be easy for you to find us. It has a great old time-y look and says Field's General Store up top. I haven't decided if I will paint that yet but there are plenty of other Gypsy Chicks signs up now so we should be easy to locate.

Here you can see our large covered patio on the side of the shop and mom puttin' up some cute picket fencing. With the patio and the great front porch, our shopping area is triple the size of the inside store. This last weekend the weather was gorgeous and the outside area was so pleasant!

Here's a cute picture of my gypsy mom as we finished unloading one of the MANY loads that we took to the new Gypsy Chicks in our little trailer. With only one week to prepare we managed quite a bit though we both hope to have it even more full next Trade Days!

Pictures of the shop full of goodies comin' soon!