Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays! WHERE TO SHOP??

My daughter and I are wanting to compile a list of neat places to shop for day trips (North
East Texas, Southern Oklahoma, etc.) - flea markets, junk stores, antique malls, auctions, yard sales, salvage yards, etc.  I am anxious to hit the road in search of good JUNK (shabby chic, barntiques, etc.) and hopefully will find a place to buy and fix up and sell from while I'm out looking.  We went to the large mall at Frisco recently and loved it!  We'd like to hear from anyone with any good tips on any of the above.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!  Gypsy Chicks (Sheri & Angela)

Friday, December 16, 2011


A few recent pictures from our two window booths on the 2nd floor at Touch of Class Antique Mall in Sherman, TX
As you can see we have books, pinups, vintage clothes, vintage glassware including 50's Plaid, Painted FireKing, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Chrystal and more.  The windows were so bright, the old springs wreaths, trees and crosses as well as the old oval 3-piece door glass did not picture well.  We also have primitives, shabby chic items and lots and lots of vintage miscellaneous.  Our SALE will be ending soon so if you are in the area, stop by and check us out!  The mall is open 7 days a week. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gypsy Chicks are looking for a home/store--our next big thing!

My daughter and I are looking for a place we can sell antiques and good junk from our home.  We are pretty open on where but we are on a shoestring and looking for a solid 40's model fixer (like me--hahaha) with a barn, large storage building, garage, etc. on or near a busy road.  A large 2-story home with character would be ideal.  This would be my first choice.

Another option would be a solid/sound store downstairs and apt(s) upstairs.  She saw a building on a corner near the highway in Troy, TX that was vacant but no contact info.  This is Angela's first choice.  

My daughter also thought it would be fun to find a small old motel with little groups of buildings we could fix up and live and sell from.  A little ambitious maybe. 

Meanwhile I'm trying to downsize but it seems it went from way too hot for too long to sell outdoors to too cold thus we are looking for a permanent indoor location.  

We still have our 2 booths at Touch of Class in Sherman, TX (Two 2nd floor windows) and I take at least one load there a week sometimes more.  I spend the inclement weather looking online for real estate and sorting, fixing, cleaning and getting my shabby chics and primitives ready to go.  I just finished a cute occasional table with old stamps which I'm taking to TOC this Sunday (my work day) along with a 50's tinsel tree, large bird cage, small chalk table, etc.  The booths look very cheery for the holidays with my old bedspring wreaths, crosses and Christmas trees and the red and green glassware and colorful FireKings.

Should you know of a place or run across a rundown place that looks like it might be a good place to live and sell antiques, we'd love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays from Sheri and Angela, Gypsy Chicks!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This Friday and Saturday I'll be at Lavender Ridge Farms from 9-5 selling all sorts of shabby chic, primitives, Christmas (Wreaths, Crosses and Christmas Tree made out of old springs) and lots of SPECIALS and good JUNK!!  It is a small flea market with an on site Cafe and Gift Shop.  It is going to be a nice weekend and if you are looking for something to do, come check it out.  We always have a good time spending a day out in the boonies.  Lavender Ridge Farms is located off Hwy. 82 between Sherman and Gainesville.  You turn south at the new intersection but there are signs to help you find it.  If you need further info, check out their site at:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have a new booth in Denison, TX at Main Mall (2 story bldg. on the corner of Main & Fannin) for November only.  I am located on the 2nd floor (right side at top of the stairs).  I have for sale mostly PRIMITIVES including a pie safe, luggage/travel items, grocery basket, bed springs, bed spring wreaths & crosses, picket crosses, hat-coat rack, metal lawn chair, art, plus lots and lots of primitive smalls.  I'm going tomorrow to work in some Christmas, etc. I've been working on (including a bed springs Christmas tree).  In addition to my great prices, I'm having a 20% off sale!  If you are in the area, hope you will check my booth out this November.  The old gypsy chick

If you don't find it, just ask them to show you to booth #143.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Our Canton store has sold!
Check back for our next big thing (still working on that).
Good luck to the new owner!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BIG Yard Sale (Denison) Fri-Sat--Primitives-Shabby Chic--MORE!!

Finally the weather has cooled off enough I can have a  HUGE yard sale of shabby chic, primitives, garden/yard art (including bird baths, headless statute, rusty windmill, garden chairs, bird houses, planters, etc), large display or book shelves, old wardrobe cabinet, pie safe, old enamel top table, large floral display, old cast sinks and tub (I was going to make a planter or water feature out of the old aqua tub), head boards/beds, art, old springs,  backpacks, plus lots and lots of oldies---

8:00 in Denison - Email for more info---I can't get the pictures to take but will keep trying...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SOLD -- Canton Trade Days STORE with SLEEPER+ for SALE on The Mountain!

SOLD --  If you have ever wanted to be part of the Canton, Texas Trade Days and THE MOUNTAIN, due to a change in plans, our nice size Cedar STORE is now FOR SALE.  Included is a cozy SLEEPER with 3/4 bath, plus PORCH and attached covered PATIO and DECK which more than doubles your selling area--plenty of space inside and out .  Large glass showcase and bunk beds are included.

SOLD --  It also includes a half Medallion which means you can sell pop and pre-packaged food such as candy, chips, wrapped popsicles and ice cream bars, pickled and preserved fruits, jams, jellies and more. You could make it a general store (like the sign indicates), a gift shop, a boutique, antique store or all of the above. You could even rent out part which we have done.  Lots of possibilities! The shops, restaurants, and activities on The Mountain are open and active during the day and well into the night (until 11pm!)--Double the time you're open to sell while having the convenience of your own sleeping quarters in the next room. With the ambiance of an old frontier town, you'll feel like you're on vacation while you enjoy the comfort of selling indoors.

SOLD --  Great location and one of the cutest shops on The Mountain in Canton, Texas.  Reduced -as is


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bedspring Wreaths

And now for the beautiful wreaths my mom made. Yay!

Dove Wreath
I wanted to start with the dove wreath because to me it is one of the most beautiful and definitely striking of her wreaths. The springs have a light dusting of white to tie it all together.

Bedspring Cross
My pictures don't do most of these justice and this is one. There are shiny red beads that make a lovely contrast to the rusty springs.

Floral Bird Nest & Grapevine Spring Wreath
This is another one that my picture doesn't do justice and I think that's because this is such a large wreath with a lot of little details. Definitely worth clicking to see the larger view!

Texas Star Bed Spring Wreath
I like this one a lot (probably because I came up with the design for it). We live in Texas after all and the collection wouldn't be complete without a Texas Star.

The County Fair
This is a great one for any horse lover. Complete with blue ribbon!

Old Spring Chicken
This one is even better in person, I promise. It's one of my favorites and I think so because my mom calls it Old Spring Chicken. I don't even have a country theme or I'd definitely snag this one for myself.

The Secret Garden
Bed springs spiral around a grapevine and the delicate little roses. It reminds me of a forgotten garden with everything kind of wild and growing together. Definitely one of the sweetest of the wreaths.

Bed Spring Wreath
Of course I had to include the basic bed spring wreath. With this one you can decorate it to suit your decor and taste. Hopefully the ones above will give you some inspiration! These will all be for sale During the next Canton First Monday Trade Days at our shop, Gypsy Chicks on The Mountain.

First Monday is next weekend and because there are some folks comin' in for an early retreat I'll be opening on Wednesday instead of Thursday. If you've got your eye on one of these, be sure to stop by as soon as possible because I have a feelin' they'll go quick!

See y'all there!


Garden Markers

My mom and I have been tryin' to think of some neat and creative artsy craftsy things to take to Gypsy Chicks to have some new stuff for you to shop. Because this is a long month and the first falls in strange place, there are TWO First Monday Trade Days in Canton this month.

I've been making garden markers from old silverware. These have a great vintage look and I'll be taking some blanks with me to Canton if you would like a specific word or phrase on them. They would be excellent not only with plant names on them for garden markers, but also with I Love You, Thank You, Congratulations, Best Wishes, Happy Birthday or anything of that nature to put a unique touch in a gift plant.
Two examples of the spoon garden markers.
One being used in a potted mint.
And one being used right in the garden.
My mom says these look like a little old lady made them. I'll take it as a compliment since I was goin' for a vintage handmade look! Hahaha! Quite honestly I feel like a little old lady after I make a few of these, my hands cramp up so. Heheh. Still, I love to make them. I like the look of them and it's a great re-purposing project.

Later today I'm going to take some pictures of my mom's bed spring wreaths. These things are AMAZING (and I'm not just saying that like everyone does these days). They really are. They are beautiful, creative, and unique to any I've seen by other people. I hope I'm gettin' you excited enough to come back and check them out, they really are that great. :)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 4th of July from the Gypsy Chicks!

Really lookin' forward to the 4th on The Mountain in Canton, Texas during Trade Days. Some of y'all might have heard that The Mountain is open in the evenings and thought that was the only time we're open. Not so! The Mountain is open all day long with shopping and dining and fun events. Mr. Cline has a free music show right at the entrance. Click here to see the showtimes. Follow Ridge Road from there and you'll find Gypsy Chicks right across from The Red Coach Inn. I've tried their chicken salad sandwich and it's great!  If you can't get enough of the music there's also a show at the Mountain Star Opry on Friday evenings at 7:30pm. Friday and Saturday evening you can dance in the streets to some great singing until 11pm! (Not sure just when it starts, seems to be around 7-8.) Throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday there are staged gunfights.

Gypsy Chicks will be open
10am-10pm Thursday (I might be closed from 7-8 for the Mountain Association meeting)
10am-11pm Friday & Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday
Opening times are tentative. I usually open earlier, like 8 or 9. ^_^ As you can see these are really long days and sometimes I need to run to the store in the morning.

The Mountain is open all day AND well into the evening after the rest of Canton Trade Days has shut down. So you can shop our shady tree-lined streets and air conditioned stores during the heat of the day, get a good meal and catch your second wind to continue to enjoy the events and shopping well into the cool of the evening. Then you can get a good night's rest in The Mountain's Bed and Baths and start up again the next day!

I look forward to seein' you there!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Antiquarian Books on Ebay

Antique Books on Ebay
This week I've listed some wonderful old books that I got from the Edmondson Estate. When we lived in Muskogee Mom bought the Edmondson's historic old home and included were a lot of old books that I got. While many of them made it to my bookshelf, I've decided to sell the rest to help pay my student loans (coming due next month--eep!). I've listed 5 books this week: some beautifully illustrated, 2 signed, 1 from the 1800's, most out of print first editions, all great old books! One of the books is a signed memoir of an Osage Indian to Representative Edmondson. It's a really neat historical book! If you love old books as much as I do check out my Ebay auctions for this week.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old Red Lumberyard Again!

Things have been SO hectic. We had a wonderful time at the Lavender Festival. I don't think the weather could have been much more beautiful that weekend. Canton was great too. A bit hot, but the nice thing about the Mountain is we have shade trees, air-conditioned shops, lots of places to get cool drinks, and evening shopping so you can wait until the cooler hours or start back up again after you get your second wind (Though we're open all day too!). A-Kon was a blast for me. Despite bein' pretty much tied to a 6 foot square all weekend, I saw most of the con walk by.

And we busy bees continue. We'll be at the Old Red Lumberyard in McKinney again Friday and Saturday. I believe this is the same weekend as the McKinney Trade Days so if you're already makin' the trip you might want to stop by if you've never been. Old Red Lumberyard is a smaller venue, but there is a lot of REALLY good stuff plus tons of creative ideas to inspire you.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Button Rings!

Above is an example of the button rings I'll be making this weekend at the Lavender Festival, the following weekend at our shop in Canton, AND the weekend after that at A-Kon, Dallas' huge anime convention. Shown in the picture is an antique brass wire and violet wire.
You design the ring, choosing the buttons, color, and wire and I make the custom ring sized to fit you. The style can be sweet and subtle, raver bright, kitschy cute, steampunk, vintage or whatever style you like from the buttons you choose. These make great gifts or souvenirs of an outing with friends.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Old Red Lumberyard

These are the pictures from the Old Red Lumberyard sale in McKinney, Texas where my mom and I were last weekend. If you ever get a chance to check this one out, I recommend you do! It's not a large sale, but it has some great vendors and pulls a good crowd.

We did really well at this sale despite bringin' back our large items. This wood glider will be at Gypsy Chicks in Canton next Trade Days.
As will this great flower cart.
And this old wood trellis.
I caught a picture of my Mom up in the lumberyard.
To be fair, here's a picture of me too though this was taken at the Bonham Trade Days.

We'll definitely be doin' the Old Red Lumberyard sale again in the future.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's havin' a wonderful new year! The first Trade Days weekend of the year was a blast! The people on The Mountain really know how to have a good time. I had a really good time dancin' it up and eatin' black eyed peas New Year's Eve at the party The Mountain Association hosted.

I managed to get some more pictures of some of our shop and items.
Mom loves findin' rusty things and so do I. Here are some of my mom's great rusty finds. The ornate ceiling tins are one of my favorite things. I can imagine someone makin' a beautiful arbor out of the porch posts.

Here are some enamel canister sets.

And here are some more goodies inside. I'll be adding some more pictures in a few days. In the meantime check out Mom's eBay auctions if you are a coin collector.