Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BEFORE Pictures of my sweet Trailer

The following are 'BEFORE' pictures of the trailer I'm redoing to use at Flea Markets and Shows (a work in progress):

The process is slow due to the heat but the following are now gone:  mattress, stove, kitchen cabinets, table and benches, toilet, water tank to make as light as possible and make room for the items I will sell.  I will sell both inside and out but this will help when it rains as I don't do tents.  I caulked and hopefully have found all the water leaks then secured the ceilings.  I have added beadboard and trim and will start painting the interior next.  That leaves adding flooring (which I have picked out), painting the exterior (decided on aqua) then adding all the last minute details.  If everything goes as planned, I should be ready by September and plan to take it to Canton for its initial run.  I am looking forward to it and posting the AFTER pictures. So far, so good!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gypsy Chicks Road Show Trailer

My little trailer is now stripped and I'm working on a plan with my daughter on design inside and out.  I'd like to use a lot of the items such as trim and decor that I already have which believe me is a lot.  My daughter would like a theme inside and out but I'm a little more eclectic.  I'm trying hard with the heat and all to stay hooked up and get it done so I can be ready for the Lavender Ridge Fall Festival Oct. 4-6 out in the boonies near Gainesville.  If you haven't ever been, mark your calenders and check out their website for more info.  Plus I've wanted to do the Fredericksburg Trade Days since my daughter took me there last year on vacation .  I'm aiming for October 18-20th.  Then the plan is to do Canton at Pavillion 6000 where I'm on a waiting list (fingers crossed).  Pictures and more info coming soon!